April 12

"Cloud Gaming to Launch in Latin America with GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA"

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New York - April 12, 2021

ABYA® today announced it is collaborating with NVIDIA to bring premium cloud gaming to Latin America with GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA. Launching later this year, the service targets the estimated 100 million gamers in the region and will enable them to play hundreds of AAA PC games on almost any device.

High-end gaming can be cost-prohibitive for gamers in Latin America. With a modest price-point, GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA will give subscribers access to the computing power required to play the latest titles at high quality on devices they already own.

GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s premium cloud-based game streaming service, is capable of delivering real-time gameplay with the latest features like ray tracing and deep learning image upscaling technology for maximum quality graphics.

ABYA’s alliances with local telecommunications companies will enable the service to reach the mass market and leverage existing infrastructure. It also will provide access to carrier billing, regional currencies and improved gameplay latency, delivering a truly local experience. Initial plans include launching with support in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

ABYA serves as an entry point for the casual gamer and will offer GeForce NOW to its users, who will be able to access premium content, the latest AAA PC games, enhanced graphics, and advanced features. The offering is well positioned to reach the entire Latin American gaming market. ABYA’s CEO, Franco Miceli, comments: “Thanks to this alliance ABYA is the only cloud gaming company in the world that has an offering for casual, mid-core, and hard-core gamers.”

About ABYA: ABYA Corp. is a New York-based company that designs, develops, and integrates technology components to create cloud gaming solutions. With its proprietary cloud gaming platform focused on casual gamers, and maximum CCU, ABYA partners up with telecommunications companies on emerging markets to provide a high value added service to the masses.

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