March 30

"April Showers Bring 23 New GeForce NOW Games Including ‘Have a Nice Death’"

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It’s another rewarding This Week on GFN, with 23 new games for April on top of 11 joining the cloud this week and a new Marvel’s Midnight Suns reward now available to Priority members.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Last month, we announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring Xbox Game Studios PC games to the GeForce NOW library, including titles from Bethesda, Mojang Studios, and Activision, pending closure of Microsoft’s acquisition. It’s a shared commitment to giving gamers more choice and enabling PC gamers to play their favorite games anywhere.

Since then the teams at both companies have been collaborating on delivering a best-in-class cloud gaming experience that PC gamers have come to expect, delivering a seamless experience across any device, whether playing locally or in the cloud.

We’re making progress, and in future This Week on GFNs we will provide an update on onboarding of individual titles from Microsoft’s incredibly rich catalog of first-party PC games. Stay tuned to our This Week on GFN updates for the latest.

Medieval Marvel

gfn-marvel-midnight-suns-rewards-tw-li-2048x1024-1.jpg Fight among the legends in Captain Marvel’s Medieval Marvel suit.

Starting today, GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA members can claim their marvel-ous new reward. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the tactical role-playing game from the creators of XCOM, has been praised for its immersive game play and cutting-edge visuals.

With the game’s first downloadable content, called The Good, The Bad, and The Undead, fans were thrilled to welcome Deadpool to the roster. This week, members can get their free reward to secure Captain Marvel’s Medieval Marvel suit.

April is FOOL of Games

GFN-Spotlight-2048x1024.jpg Death Inc. opens a new branch in the cloud.

No joke, kick the weekend off right by streaming Have a Nice Death. Restore order in this darkly charming 2D action game from Gearbox while playing as an overworked Death whose employees at Death Inc. have run rampant as caretakers of souls. Hack and slash through numerous minions and bosses in each department at the company, using unique weapons and spells.

This leads the 11 new games joining the cloud this week:

9 Years of Shadows (New release on Steam)

Terra Nil (New release on Steam, March 28)

Gripper (New release on Steam, March 29)

Smalland: Survive the Wilds (New release on Steam, March 29)

DREDGE (New release on Steam, March 30)

Ravenbound (New release on Steam, March 30)

The Great War: Western Front (New release on Steam, March 30)

Troublemaker (New release on Steam, March 31)

Have a Nice Death (Steam)

Tower of Fantasy (Steam)

Tunche (Free on Epic Games Store)

Plus, look forward to the rest of April:

Meet Your Maker (New release on Steam, April 4)

Road 96: Mile 0 (New release on Steam, April 4)

TerraScape (New release on Steam, April 5)

Curse of the Sea Rats (New release on Steam, April 6)

Ravenswatch (New release on Steam, April 6)

Supplice (New release on Steam, April 6)

DE-EXIT - Eternal Matters (New release on Steam, April 14)

Survival: Fountain of Youth (New release on Steam, April 19)

Tin Hearts (New release on Steam, April 20)

Dead Island 2 (New Release on Epic Games Store, April 21)

Afterimage (New release on Steam, April 25)

Roots of Pacha (New release on Steam, April 25)

Bramble: The Mountain King (New release on Steam, April 27)

11-11 Memories Retold (Steam)

canVERSE (Steam)

Teardown (Steam)

Get Even (Steam)

Little Nightmares (Steam)

Little Nightmares II (Steam)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (Steam)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (Steam)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (Steam)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (Steam)

More March Madness

On top of the 19 games announced in March, nine extra ones joined the GeForce NOW library this month, including this week’s additions 9 Years of Shadows, Terra Nil, Gripper, Troublemaker, Have a Nice Death, Tunche, as well as:

Call of the Sea (Epic Games Store, March 9)

GRID Legends (Steam and EA) Tchia (New release on Epic Games Store)

System Shock didn’t make it in March due to a shift in its release date, nor did Chess Ultra due to a technical issue.