February 03

"This Week on GFN Welcomes February with 27 New Games"

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Cheers to another month of cloud gaming! This Week on GFN we welcome February with 27 new games – including nine games streaming this week.

Take a leap to another planet with Deliver Us Mars from Frontier Foundry. In an atmospheric sci-fi adventure with a mission to recover lost ARK colony ships on Mars, members will be able to traverse the hazardous environments of the red planet with out-of-this-world, ray-traced shadows and lighting that make the dangerous terrain feel strikingly realistic.

If space isn’t your jam, check out the list of nine games that will be available to play this week:

Raiden IV x MIKADO remix (New release on Steam)

SEASON: A letter to the future (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store)

Spongebob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store)

Superfuse (New release on Steam)

Deliver Us Mars (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Feb. 2)

PERISH (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Feb. 2)

City of Gangsters (Free on Epic Games Store, Feb. 2-9)

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Feb. 3)

Immortals Fenyx Rising (Steam)

February also brings support for 18 more games:

Dark and Darker playtest (Available on Steam, Feb. 6-13)

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society (New release on Steam, Feb. 14)

Wanted: Dead (New release on Steam and Epic Games, Feb. 14)

Elderand (New release on Steam, Feb. 16)

Wild West Dynasty (New release on Steam, Feb. 16)

The Settlers: New Allies (New release on Ubisoft Store, Feb. 17)

Atomic Heart (New release on Steam, Feb. 20)

Chef Life — A Restaurant Simulator (New release on Steam, Feb. 23)

Blood Bowl 3 (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Feb. 23)

Scars Above (New release on Steam, Feb. 28)

Above Snakes (Steam)

Across the Obelisk (Steam)

Captain of Industry (Steam)

Cartel Tycoon (Steam and Epic Games Store)

Ember Knights (Steam)

Heads Will Roll: Reforged (Steam)

Inside the Backrooms (Steam)

SimRail — The Railway Simulator (Steam)

January’s a Wrap

January came to a close with eight extra games on top of the 19 announced. It’s like finding an extra french fry in the bag:

Dakar Desert Rally (Epic Games Store)

Epistory – Typing Chronicles (Epic Games Store)

Oddballers (Ubisoft Connect)

Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice (Epic Games Store)

Surviving the Abyss (Steam)

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale (Epic Games Store)

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Steam)

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Steam)

Two games announced last month, Occupy Mars: The Game (Steam) and Grimstar: Crystals are the New Oil! (Steam), didn’t make it, due to shifts in their release dates.

There’s only one question left to kick off a weekend full of gaming in the cloud: what will you play? Let us know on Twitter.