October 05

"Introducing the Day Pass: Elevate Your Gaming Experience with 24-Hour Priority Access"

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Buenos Aires, Argentina — ABYA is thrilled to announce a new addition to NVIDIA GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA membership options. The Day Pass is a new option for members, enabling gamers to enjoy 24 hours of the Priority tier at a much lower price point. Day Pass purchasers will have access to the same Priority features as members, including an enhanced gaming experience with RTX ON and DLSS technology, priority server access for on-demand gaming, and support for over 1,700 titles, including over 130 free-to-play and demos from popular digital stores– all at an affordable price. More than one Day Pass may be purchased at once for multiple consecutive-24 hour periods of gameplay– perfect for the weekend gamer. The Day Pass launches today in Argentina and will soon be available in other regions supported by ABYA.

GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA has been at the forefront of cloud gaming in Latin America, providing gamers with the power to stream their favorite PC games on a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. With the introduction of the Day Pass, the platform takes another giant leap forward in making high-quality gaming accessible to all.

Key Features of the Day Pass from GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA:

  • Priority Access: With the Day Pass, gamers gain priority server access, ensuring reduced wait times and an uninterrupted gaming experience.

  • Extended Gaming Sessions: Enjoy gaming sessions of up to 5 hours in length, giving gamers ample time to dive deep into your favorite games without interruptions.

  • Premium Service, Affordable Pricing: The Day Pass is designed to be budget-friendly, allowing gamers to experience a premium service at a low price point.

  • Flexibility: For both casual gamers looking for a day of entertainment and hardcore gamers with limited opportunities to play in a month, the Day Pass offers flexibility to suit all gaming needs.

The GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA Day Pass is available for purchase today in Argentina. Gamers can easily acquire their Day Pass through the GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA website and immediately begin enjoying the benefits of Priority access. No other service or product delivers such an accessible premium gaming experience.

About ABYA:

ABYA makes world class gaming entertainment accessible to anyone on almost any device. A US based company, ABYA designs, develops, and integrates technology components to create cloud gaming solutions. Its proprietary cloud gaming platform, ABYA Go, delivers instant access to a wide variety of leading titles on almost any device. ABYA partners with NVIDIA to deliver GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA to gamers in Latin America. Both platforms allow users to play games directly on their devices without the need for a console or high-end PC. To learn more, please visit www.abya.com or contact pr@abya.com.


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